February 23, 2016

A Special meeting of the Board of Administration of Mayan Towers Condominium II, Inc. was held on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 7:00 P.M in the Clubhouse at 145 S. Ocean Avenue, Palm Beach Shores, Florida.
The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M by Joyce Murphy.
Roll Call
Frank Wallmueller, Tony Traversa ,Robert Ambrsini, Charles Gulgas Bill Loftus, Ed Lehner, Richard Dragone, Clyde Keck and Joyce Murphy.


Other Present
Marie & Gene Price, Kevin Murphy, Joe Gibbons, Kay Bresnahan, Garry& Shelly Orrill, Claire Graves, Doroth Haimes, Robert Button, John & Elaine Pavlick, Chuck & Debbie Kasbee, Al D’Andrea, Jovanna Pozza, Larry & Janet Hays, Greta & Sonny Bezubek, Frank Wallmuller and Gil & Meredith D’Andrea, George Leferman, Bob & Emily Evans, Jeanne Traversa,Dick & Sue Gardner, Jeannie Ambrosini, Egon Beerman, Helen St Nicholas, Jim Ditello, Larry Menella, Thomas McGarry, Candice Boyle, Philp Bunton,

Joyce Murphy started the meeting introducing the board and the new board members and everyone’s title. Joyce Murphy , President, Frank Wallmueller Vice President Tony Traversa Secretary, Robert Ambrosini Treasurer, Charles Gulgas as a new Director and Edward Lehner, Richard Dragone, Bill Loftus and Clyde Keck as Directors and has served the build for many year in all capacity.
Joyce stated we are you’re board. We are a board of the people for the people and we are your board. We want to be very open and transparent and available and hopefully we will make this property what we would all like it to be. She then introduced Frank Wallmueller who introduced all the committees. She also stated that a lot of new changes have been made to committees and new faces added to committees and thanked all previous Committee chairpersons for the hard work and dedication to the building and hope that they will now enjoy the beachfront living.

Frank stated that they will try to get everyone’s information updated so that all owners are involved. Frank started the introduction of all the committees

Maintenance Committee (formerly known as Maintenance and Hurricane)

Tony Traversa, Chairperson, Larry Hays, Joe Gibbons, Jovanna Pozza, Emilio Martinez, Clyde Keck and
Rupert Thompson

Sales, Lease and Welcoming Committee (formerly known as Sales and Leases)
Kevin Murphy, Chairperson, Ilene Wallmueller, Tony Traversa, Ginny Wexler and Al D’Andrea

Landscape and Beautification Committee (formerly known as Landscaping)
Joe Gibbons, Chairperson, Meredith D’Andrea, Jeannie Ambrosini, Ginny Wexler, Lorraine Gulgas
Debbie Kasbee and Janet Whitehead

James Ditello, Chairperson, Nancy Ditello, Clyde Keck, Loretta Keck, Jovanna Pozza and Janet Hays

Al D’Andrea, Chairperson, Mike Jutt, Paul Setzer, Chuck Gulgas and Chuck Kasbee Jr

Safety and Security Committee (formerly known as Parking Lot Violations)
Larry Hays Chairperson, Clyde Keck and Chuck Kasbee Sr.

Club House Renovation
Frank Wallmueller, Chairperson, Mike Marzgliano, Michael Jutt, Kevin Murphy, Emilio Martinez,
Joseph Gibbons and Tony Traversa

Finance and Budget Committee
Bob Ambrosini, Chairperson, Bob Button and Gary Orrill

Rules,Regulations and By Laws Committee (formerly known as Rules and Regulations)
Bob Ambrosini, Chairperson, Al D’Andrea, James Ditello, Lorraine Gulgas and Chuck Gulgas

Communication Committee
Paul Setzer, Chairperson, Donna Setzer and Frank Wallmueller

Gil D’Andrea, Chairperson, Chuck Gulgas, Kevin Murphy, Chuck Kasbee Jr and Mike Jutt

Al D’Andrea, Chairperson, Dick Gardner, Chuck Kasbee and Richard Dragone

Community Relations Committee
Chuck Gulgas, Chairperson, Joyce Murphy, Frank Wallmueller, Tony Traversa and Bob Ambrosini

Bike Storage Committee
Mike Happ ,Chairperson, Jean Happ, Chuck Gulgas and Lorraine Gulgas

Election and Nomination Committee
Paul Setzer Chairperson, Donna Setzer and Marion Hansen

Recycling Committee
Debbie Kasbee

Joyce then discussed that we are gathering information for all future plans and will keep everyone informed as the information is collected. Joyce thanked everyone for coming to this meeting and reminded everyone that the next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 7:00 P.M..

Comments and Questions
All comments, concerns and questions were answered and addressed by the board.

Bill Loftus made the motion to adjourn. Tony Traversa seconded the motion. Vote: 9/0

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted,
Mayan Towers Condominium II, Inc.
Tony Traversa, Secretary