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Office Hours and Location

145 S. Ocean Avenue
Palm Beach Shores, FL 33404

Office Phone: 561.848.2306
Office Fax: 561.848.2729

Hours of Operation: 9 AM -4:30 PM Monday – Friday.
*The office is currently open every week day.


Atrium Staff

Emilio Garcia – Property Manager

Rupert Thompson – Maintenance Supervisor  Hours:  7:30 AM -4:30 PM  Monday – Friday

Leo Morales – Maintenance  Hours: 7:30 AM -4 PM  Monday – Friday


Emergency Contact Information and Numbers:

Emergencies Call- 911

Person Stuck in an Elevator Call- 911

Emergency Maintenance During Office Hours: Emilio Garcia 561-848-2306

Emergency Maintenance After Hours:

Tony Traversa 978-265-7084

If you are unable to contact Tony, call

Jovanna Pozza 845-863-7692

Chuck Kasbee Jr 561-513-2230

Joyce Murphy 248-505-6111

Non-Emergency Maintenance: Complete a maintenance work order located in the mail room and turn it into the office.

Vagrancy on the Property: Palm Beach Shores Police Department 561-844-3456 or 911. Report the incident to the office for tracking.