April 26, 2016

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A regular meeting of the Board of Administration of Mayan Towers Condominium II, Inc. was held on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 7:00 P.M in the Clubhouse at 145 S. Ocean Avenue, Palm Beach Shores, Florida.
The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M by Joyce Murphy.

Roll Call
Frank Wallmueller, Tony Traversa, Robert Ambrosini, Charles Gulgas, Joe Gibbons, Ed Lehner, Richard Dragone (on the phone), Clyde Keck (on the phone) and Joyce Murphy.
Kevin Murphy, Jovanna Pozza, Debbie & Chuck Kasbee, Lorraine Gulgas, Larry & Janet Hays, Lucy Diamond, Shelly Orrill, Gary Orrill, Care O’Boyle, Gene & Marie Price, Gil & Meredith D’Andrea, Thomas McGarry, Irene Wallmueller,
Ginger Blackman, Irmma Deeg, Al D’Andrea, Casoi, Rouff, Silverman and Bob & Eileen Dawson.

Frank Wallmueller made the motion to approve the meeting minutes of Tuesday, March 22, 2016 and Monday, March 28, 2016. Robert Ambrosini second motion to approve the minutes. Vote9/0

Robert Ambrosini made the motion to accept the Bunker Engineering contract in the amount of $10,600.00, lift $800.00. Total cost $11,400.00.To inspect the entire building and to prepare a scope of work so that we can obtain bids from contractors. Clyde Keck seconds motion.Vote9/0

Gil D’Andrea discussed that he had been in communication with all employees and stated everything was going well, he recommended that Rupert, Leo and Ann receive a 3% increase in their salary. Frank Wallmueller made the motion to accept Gil’s recommendation and give the employees a 3%increase. Robert Ambrsini seconds motion.Vote9/0.

Larry Hays discussed and explained the new contract for new Hi-Efficiency washers and dryers throughout the building. We will no longer be using tokens. We will have a card swipe system in mail room and every unit will be giving one laundry card. Frank Wallmueller made the motion to accept the new washer and dryer contact. Joe Gibbons seconds the motion. Vote 8/1

Tony Traversa explained that every two years we clean the existing sewer vent lines. He presented the three quotes he received and suggested we award it to Advanced Plumbing for $3,500.00 which has been doing the work in the building for numerous of years and was the lowest bidder. Clyde Keck made the motion to accept Tony’s recommendation and go with Advanced Plumbing. Edward Lehner seconds the motion. Vote 9/0

Tony Traversa explained the three proposals received to replace rear trash room doors. He recommended we award the contract to Slawek Wilga for $1980.00. Richard Dragone made the motion to go with Slawek Wilga for $1980.00 to replace rear trash room doors. Clyde Keck seconds motion.Vote9/0
Frank Wallmueller made the motion to accept the revise Rules and Regulations regarding the pool that were written by our attorney. Charles Gulgas seconds the motion. Vote 9/0

New Business:

Joyce Murphy presented and explained the CAD drawings for lobby/mailroom and clubhouse. The drawings will be in the lobby for everyone to see.

Stuart Rouff presented and discussed why he needed to change the door direction in unit 612. The Board will investigate future alterations of any common areas.

Frank Wallmueller gave a Synopsis of where we are and why we are here which will be included in the monthly mailer.

Comments and Questions
All comments, concerns and questions were answered and addressed by the board.

Tony Traversa made the motion to adjourn. Robert Ambrosini seconded the motion. Vote: 9/0

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted,
Mayan Towers Condominium II, Inc.
Tony Traversa, Secretary