January 18, 2016

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A regular meeting of the Board of Administration of Mayan Towers Condominium II, Inc. was held on Wednesday, January 18, 2016 at 10:30 A.M in the Clubhouse at 145 S. Ocean Avenue, Palm Beach Shores, Florida.
The Meeting was called to order at 10:30 A.M by Richard Dragone.
Roll Call
Larry Mennella, Tony Traversa , Ed Lehner, Peter Fenner, Bill Loftus , Richard Dragone, Jeff Franklin and Clyde Keck


Other Present
Marie & Gene Price, Kevin & Joyce Murphy, Joe Gibbons, Kay Bresnahan, Garry& Shelly Orrill, Claire Graves, Doroth Haimes, Robert Button, John & Elaine Pavlick, Debbie Kasbee, Al D’Andrea, Jovanna Pozza, Larry & Janet Hays, Greta & Sonny Bezubek, Frank Wallmuller and Gil & Meredith D’Andrea
Approval of Minutes

Peter Fenner made the motion to approve the meeting minutes of December 16, 2015. Bill Loftus second motion to approve the minutes. Vote8/0

Reports of Officers

PRESIDENT Richard Dragone reported in new business.
VICE PRESIDENT Bill Loftus reported in new business

SECRETARY Ed Lehner had nothing to report.

TREASURER Peter Fenner reported that the budget has been adjusted and is compliant with the Florida laws.

Reports of Committees

Budget and Finance Richard Dragone had nothing to report.
Sales and Leases Committee Bill Loftus had nothing to report.
Maintenance Committee Bill Loftus reported in new business.

Insurance Committee Richard Dragone reported had nothing to report.

Personnel Committee

Landscaping Committee Larry Mennella report everything is going well the sea grapes have been trimmed along with numerous other trees. He also reported that we have new landscaping in front of the new sign.

Rules and Regulation Committee Richard Dragone had nothing to report.

Enforcement Tony Traversa reported new parking stickers with our new logo will be issued soon. Tony Traversa made the motion to accept the new parking stickers and place the order. Jeff Franklin seconds the motion. Vote 7/0

Television Committee Al D’Andrea was absent.

New Business
Bill Loftus explained that the contract for the sundeck will be started in the April. He also stated he looked into other possibilities on how the work can be done and concluded that the original way approved by the board is the best possible way for the building.

Richard Dragone reported and explained that we are appointing a impartial committee for opening the votes. Bill Loftus made the motion to appoint an impartial committee to verify the outer envelope and to count the votes with the following people. Helen St. Nicholas, Jovanna Pozza, Eileen Dawson, Patricia Brosamer, Lannie Pascual and Ann Sullivan. Jeff Franklin second that motion. Vote 8/0

Clyde from Renovation Committee reported that the meeting went great and made a motion that the board accept plan C with options for chances and with prices. Richard second the motion. Vote 8/0

Richard Dragone discussed that the building being painted is at least two years away and that at this time no colors choices have been made.

Richard Dragone asked if Myra could come to give a small speech for Mayor’s position of Palm Beach Shores. The board voted against it 7/1
Richard reminded everyone that February meeting will be at night as it is our annual meeting.

Old Business
Comments and Questions
All comments, concerns and questions were answered and addressed by the board.

Bill Loftus made the motion to adjourn. Peter Fenner seconded the motion. Vote: 8/0

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted,
Mayan Towers Condominium II, Inc.
Richard Dragone, President